Caffè Mauro Mobile

The Alfie's Group, in collaboration with Caffè Mauro South Africa, offer you a slow-roasted, Italian coffee on-the-go experience.
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Caffè Mauro Mobile

The Caffè Mauro Mobile Espresso and Sandwich Bar serves slow-roasted espresso from our classic Piaggio Ape. The customised vehicle is quick and easy to set up and our travelling barista can make anything from flat whites to freezos. We also serve delicious toasted Italian flatbreads and homemade pastries.

About the Coffee

Caffè Mauro is an iconic Italian coffee brand, internationally recognised for producing high-quality espresso.
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High Quality

Since 1949 and still going strong, Caffè Mauro is renowned for producing some of the world’s best espresso.

Slow Roasted

We use a slow roasting process to obtain a superior taste and aroma.

Crema, Aroma & Taste

In blind tastings Caffè Mauro came out on top overall in terms of crema, aroma and taste.

The Piaggio Ape

In 1947, the inventor of the Vespa, aircraft designer Corradino D’Ascanio, came up with the idea of building a light three-wheeled commercial vehicle to power Italy’s economic reconstruction. Enrico Piaggio, son of Rinaldo Piaggio, liked the idea and the very first ‘Ape’ was built soon after. The first model was mechanically a Vespa, with two wheels at the rear and a flat-bed structure on top of the rear axle.

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