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Our Story

Welcome To Alfie’s Italian Café

Alfie’s Italian Café opened its doors 10 years ago as our first restaurant in South Africa, but just like all good things, it was a long time in the making.

Alfredo’s parents were always passionate about food and alongside his sister, Lola, Alfie grew up in the kitchen. After many years of travelling, living and opening restaurants in a multitude of countries including Ethiopia, the United States and Kenya, Alfredo returned to Italy in 2008 to open a restaurant alongside Michelin Star Chef Antonio Bondi as his man behind the flames. The restaurant was a great success, but after two years in Italy, the call of Africa was too loud to ignore, and Alfredo and family came to join his mother and sister in Pretoria, and decided to open Alfie’s Italian Café. Fast forward 10 years, and this little restaurant has grown to become an Italian gastronomy-focused group, incorporating mobile operations, catering and four restaurants, each with their own take on Italian cuisine. Constantly striving for absolute quality and authenticity, we stick to the basic principles of slow food by doing things by hand, and providing great food, made fresh, every day. This has remained our core philosophy throughout the Alfie’s group to this day.

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