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Our Story

Welcome To Alfie’s Italian Café

Alfies Italian Cafe is where it all began, opening their doors a remarkable 12 years ago, this culinary journey was a masterpiece in the making, rooted in love for food passed down by Alfredo’s passionate grandmother.

Exploring the flavours of the world, and opening restaurants in a multitude of countries including Kenya, Italy, and South Africa. Alfredo returned to Italy in 2008, teaming up with Michelin Star Chef Antonio Bondi, setting the flames to success.

The call to Africa was too loud to ignore, and in 2010, Alfredo decided to open Alfie’s Italian Café in Pretoria . Fast forward a decade, and his humble eatery has blossomed into a gastronomy-focused group. From mobile operations to catering and four distinctive restaurants, each weaving its own tale of Italian culinary excellence.

At Alfie’s, they’re on a relentless pursuit of quality and authenticity. Commitment to the slow food movement is unwavering – everything is crafted by hand, ensuring fresh, flavourful experiences every day.

This philosophy beats at the heart of each of Alfie’s ventures, a testament to their unwavering dedication. Here’s to another decade of love, laughter, and the pursuit of palate perfection!

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